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SMS Marketing Educational Database

The education sector in India is booming. India holds the world’s highest student population, according to research (an estimated 315 million). The industry is expected to expand greatly in the future. SMS marketing on student databases is crucial for generating education-related leads and notifying students about training courses and educational items.

SMS has the greatest open rates when compared to phone calls or emails. SMS is one of the most effective marketing methods for any company because 80 percent of messages sent are opened.

  • SMS has a substantially greater conversion rate than other forms of communication.
    People are more inclined to visit your business and respond to SMS-based promotions.
  • SMS marketing is less expensive than other kinds of advertising, such as billboards, television commercials, mobile advertisements, or print ads, and it reaches a larger audience.
  • You don’t require internet connectivity to receive an SMS; all you need is a functional phone. Businesses can benefit from the opportunity to reach out to customers at any time.

Databases of High-Net-Worth Individuals

Our research experts create and update HNW profiles on a regular basis. They’re made to provide you a complete image of rich potential clients and contributors, especially those who could be interested in real estate, travel, or tours.

WhatsApp Marketing

Customer involvement is critical for every company. WhatsApp is a messaging programme that
allows users to communicate directly with clients via short, attention-getting messages.

  • When it comes to corporate communication, WhatsApp provides a lot of options. You may contribute photos and videos that add excitement and engagement to your marketing effort.
  • Showcase your products and services with eye-catching videos or photographs.
  • When you respond to your customers’ questions in real time, they will be delighted that their questions have been answered, and they will regard you as a trustworthy individual.

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Develop a Personal for Your Brand That Will Keep You Engaged

Customers frequently use WhatsApp to communicate with a single person, sharing photographs of things they’re interested in, asking questions, and settling on payment and delivery arrangements. WhatsApp accounts for a considerable amount of the brand persona’s online sales.

Group Chat

A WhatsApp group’s communications are shared with all members of the group, including answers from any participant. This interactive marketing method comes in handy when conducting consumer research or market research.

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